Heidi Armstrong, complementary therapist and tutor

Supervision in Bath or online

with Heidi Armstrong, complementary therapist, tutor and supervisor.

Supervision sessions are a place for you to explore your client relationships and be supported in your work. It may be that you have had a challenging client or that you would like a space to develop your client skills and ensure that you are offering the most constructive treatments possible.

Heidi offers Supervision in Bath or online for body therapists, students and anybody working in professions with 1-1 therapeutic client relationships. She is trained in providing 1-1 supervision sessions and uses the appropriate modes of supervision. Heidi offers a confidential space for you to delve deep into many aspects of your profession.

As body therapist, even though it’s not compulsory for one to have supervision, it can be a very useful and supportive tool. As a supervisor, teacher and professional therapist, Heidi attends supervision for these 3 facets or her work and finds it invaluable.

Where and how long are the sessions?

Supervision can be either face to face in Bath or online and each session is 1hr.

Online sessions work very well for supervision and makes it easier to fit it into your dairy by negating travel time or you can work with Heidi no matter where in the world you are.

During the first session we would discuss and establish how best to work together and meet your needs.

Contact Heidi directly to book for face-face supervision in Bath or supervision via Skype

07746 374 507

Unsure if supervision is for you?

If you’re interested in supervision but have not had it before and are unsure how it could work for you, I offer a free 15min online consultation so that you can get a sense of how it can support you.

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