Moxibustion for Reflexology

   Next 1 day course: 12th May Bath

Who would enjoy Moxibustion for reflexologists? Is this course for me?

Moxibustion for reflexologists is aimed at qualified reflexologists who have had some training in Chinese medicine. If you have attended the TCM pregnancy course or Five element Reflexology course then this automatically qualifies you for for this course.

If you have done another training that contains information on Chinese medicine, then there is an informal interview to ensure this the right course for you.

Do you work with chronic conditions, menopause, fertility or pregnant clients with breach babies? Then this course will add an extra element to your treatment that can support underlying energy issues.

7 CPD points.

Course Aims

  • Participants will understand the unique properties and benefits of Moxibustion
  • Be able to use it very safely and understand and adapt to any contraindication of working with Moxa
  • Prepare their treatment space and clients for the use of Moxa in Reflexology
  • Be able to intergrate Moxibustion easily into their treatments

Course prerequisite qualification: Level 3 or above Reflexology qualification




The herb mugwort has been dried and used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years by burning it in Moxibustion therapy. Unlike Acupuncture and Reflexology that moves and shifts the individual’s energy for better flow, moxa is said to add in extra energy into their system.

Research has shown that this plant alone, when burned, has the power to emit infrared radiation. The infrared heat flows into your body through the skin producing a pleasant, warm, palpable influx of energy. Good for chronic pain, lack of energy (conditions like chronic fatigue), insomnia, chills, stomach aches and lower back pain benefit fertility and used to support turning a baby in the breech position.

Course Overview:

  • History of Moxibustion therapy.
  • Contra indications
  • Consultation skills.
  • Points and techniques
  • Working with Reflexes
  • Specific conditions
  • Practical


On going assessment during the day with option final practical assessment at the end of day.


1 days

Dates & times


10am – 5.30pm

May 12th 2019

10am – 5.30pm




Heidi Armstrong


London – Sally Earlam Reflexology CPD 

Woodbastwick Road Sydenham London SE26 5LG

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Bath – Stillpoint Centre for Wellbeing

The Stoneyard
Old Orchard

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