Five Element Reflexology Course in Bath and London

   Next 3 weekend course: Bath 13 Oct 2018

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If you’re a qualified Reflexologist and would like to deepen your work to include in-depth understanding of using traditional Chinese medical theory then this course is for you. You will add skills in energy palpation and treatment techniques so that you can use five element diagnostic systems to support your client and enhance your treatments.

You need to be a fully qualified level 3 reflexologist to be able to attend this Five Element Reflexology Course in Bath.

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If you have other related qualifications for example Acupunture as well as Reflexology then bespoke shorter training is available please get in contact>


Five element reflexology course in Bath and London An in-depth postgraduate course which, integrates traditional Chinese medical theory into reflexology.

We will cover the background of Chinese medicine and different types of energy to give you a good grounding, it will not be just over laying theory onto your clients but about how using this wealth of knowledge supports you in building your client relationships and effectiveness of your treatments.

You will learn about Five Element theory and the four different ways the element cycle interacts. You will also explores diagnostic techniques including energy scanning and palpation. This will help you work with the organ and meridian systems and bring them alive in your practice. You will also learn a range of acupressure points that can not only support your clients with particular pathologies but calm the mind and release emotion. This gives you an objective and holistic way to work with your clients heath based on a structure of looking at our energy make up that goes back thousands of years. It is also very useful for life style management and piecing together the mysterious patterns of our lives.


3 weekends. All weekends need to be completed

If you have other related qualifications for example Acupunture as well as Reflexology then a bespoke shorter training is available, please get in contact >

Dates & Times

Weekend 1: 13 & 14 Oct  2018
Weekend 2: 10 & 11 Nov 2018
Weekend 3: 8 & 9 Dec 2018

10am – 5.30pm




Heidi Armstrong


Stillpoint Centre for Wellbeing
The Stoneyard
Old Orchard

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