Aromareflex Course in Bath and London

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The Aromareflex course Aromaflex course in Bath and Londonis a day training in incorporating AoR CPD Approvedessential oils into Reflexology.

This course is for qualified Reflexologists.

The Aromareflex course will train you to combine the power of essential oils to your reflexology treatment and enhance the objectives of your treatment.

The art and science of aromatherapy involves using Nature’s pure essential oils to support the body with physical and emotional conditions.

This adds an extra element to sessions and clients love the extra care and relaxation this can add.

In Aromareflex we are using 12 oils. You will learn about blending oils different categories and notes of essential oils. We will look at different base mediums and several ways to use them in your treatments.

You will be blending to support your treatment objectives for example if you client is stressed and has muscular skeletal problems you will choose oils for the Aromareflex range that support aches and pains and relaxation. Or if the focus is hormonal balance and exhaustion you will choose oils that support hormonal balance and are reviving on the system.

This is not a full Aromatherapy training which is much more extensive. As you are not learning the in-depth chemistry of Essential oils and a full set of oils this means that you cannot blend for specific conditions. Nor can you prescribe a blend for your client’s home use or advice for health complaints or pregnancy. You will however have an Aromareflex blend that you can use in treatments with pregnant clients.

You will be able to give your clients safely advice about home use of oils.

This is a full days course with a simple health and safety assessment at the end of the day to ensure you feel confident to work with clients.

There will be a logo you can display on your advertising saying that you are Aromareflex trained.


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Aromareflex course in Bath and LondonThe Aromareflex course is a day training in incorporating essential oils into Reflexology.

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  • Background to Aromatherapy.
  • Oils categories and notes and how to blend and a synergistic blend which oils will blend well together.
  • A list of 12 oils which you will be able to blend from.
  • Blending for treatment outcomes of Aches and pains, Hormonal balance, immunity support, with either a focus on relaxation for clients who also have stress sleep issues or to revive for clients who suffer from exhaustion.
  • We also look at the emotional effects of the oils.
  • Health and Safety of the oil use and any contraindications.
  • Base mediums and how to incorporate them into your reflexology session and different ways to use them.
  • Advanced massage techniques to incorporate into your treatment
  • Short assessment at the end of the day to ensure health and safety understanding.


1 day

Dates & Times

Mon 20 Nov 2017 Full (next London dates coming out soon)


Sat 7 Oct 2017 Full
Sat 27 Jan 2018

10am – 5.30pm




Heidi Armstrong

Aromaflex course in Bath and London


Bath – Stillpoint Centre for Wellbeing

The Stoneyard
Old Orchard

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London – Sally Earlam Reflexology CPD 

Woodbastwick Road Sydenham London SE26 5LG

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