Aromareflex Two Course on Zoom

Next 1 day course: Sat 1st April 2023

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The Aromareflex Two course aromareflex-training-logois for those who have completed the Aromareflex One course.

Now that you have more experience on this course there will be 6 new oils and extended treatment objectives.

We will look into more blending and have suggested blends for the objectives.

We will also look at added ways to maximise the use of Aromareflex in treatments with making foot spritz for either the beginning or the end of your treatments and roller balls and inhalers for extra aftercare.
This course is held ver zoom with a course pack posted to you and a hand reflexology video of incorporating hand reflexology into your Aromareflex treatments.

Course prerequisite qualification

Level 3 or above Reflexology qualification and you need to have completed the Aromareflex One first.


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The Advanced Aromareflex course is a day training treatment objective we will look at supporting are:

  • Circulation support: This will support things like varicose veins, gout poor circulation
  • Depression: This will look to support SAD and  other depressive conditions
  • Digestive ease: Looking at either calming the digestion or stimulating it
  • Detox: This will look at liver and kidney function support blend
  • Labour focus blend: only to be used with labour prep sessions
  • Reproductive health: Supporting the reproductive system in men and women.
The manual will go more into detail about your suggested blends and the properties of the oils that support this and detailed charts with blends and ratios that you can use in treatments and extending your aftercare.
We will also cover reflex focus work for your objectives.


1 day

Dates & Times

On Zoom

Autumn 2022 TBC





Heidi Armstrong


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