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Next 1 day workshop: Over Zoom Mon 16th September 2024 over Zoom

Who would enjoy this course? Is this course for me?

AOR accredited courses
Acupressure Facial Therapy Training in Bath, Bristol, London

If you are a qualified therapist and would like extend your facial work and support with clients going through emotional issues or with chronic health problems.

It looks at the unique way working the facial muscles, fascia and acupressure map of the face together support emotional processing and stress.

Is this day for me?

  • Would you like to add a whole new treatment to your practice?
  • Do you have clients with sleep problems stress, anxiety or emotional issues?
  • Would you also like to offer ritual rejuvenation treatment?
  • Are you qualified in Massage, Reflexology, Indian Head Massage or Shiatsu?

Then this day is perfect for you.

Course Aims

Acupressure Facial Release Course Bath London Bristol
  • Teach you a full treatment including head neck and shoulder as well as facial massage techniques.
  • To give you the skills, knowledge and understanding to integrate working with facial acupressure points map.
  • Understanding of the anatomy of the face and our emotional expression.
  • For you to understand grounding and integrating energy techniques.
  • For students to learn through a ‘hands on’ approach with the theory applied wherever possible through practice so that you confident using the techniques and adapting them to your individual clients.
  • To be approachable and supportive, to work with you as individuals.

Prerequisite qualification: Level 3 or equivalent  in Massage, Shiatsu, Reflexology, Indian Head massage or Beauty therapy.


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This course not only focuses on acupressure point work on the face but also incorporates releasing the muscular and fascial structures. The skin, muscles and fascia of the face have a unique structure to allow us to express ourselves intellectually and emotional. We therefore hold a huge amount of tension and stress in our facial structure.

You will learn a whole new treatment on the face, neck and shoulders. That will release tension allow emotional  processing deeply relax the nervous system and promote rejuvenation of the facial structure.

This treatment works at both ends of the spectrum from deeply supporting stress and relaxing the nervous system to also having the feel of an indulgent rejuvenating treat.

On this day you will learn more about the structure of the face how to use massage and acupressure to release emotions and stress.

This treatment is also very beneficial for deeply relaxing the CNS. Due to its non invasive nature and effects on the nervous system  its very supportive with clients with conditions such as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue.

The day will include:

  • Review of facial anatomy
  • Scalp, head and shoulder massage
  • Why working the face is of such emotional benefit
  • Contraindications of facial therapy work
  • Learning skin types
  • Lean how to prepare the face for treatment with warm towels
  • Learn about right massage medium for your individual clients face
  • Techniques for the face, neck and shoulders for the muscular structure facial fascia and acupressure point
  • Facial Observation linked to Chinese face map
  • You will also learn a self-facial massage for your own use and as after care for clients
  • An extensive manual
  • Power point Hand-outs
  • Practical hand-outs

Over  Zoom: 9.30-2pm plus guided home learning videos. 1-1 Zoom with tutor.

You will be posted a courses pack of course materials.


1 day

 Dates & Times

Over Zoom Mon 16th September 9.30-2pm plus guided home learning videos. Separate 1-1 Zoom with tutor.





Heidi Armstrong


Over Zoom

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