Course Booking for The Complementary Therapy College in Bristol

For Zoom courses please email  to book. 

6 points to read before booking

  1. Please read the Privacy policy & Terms, conditions and cancellations. You will be prompted to confirm you have read these. 
  2. Prerequisite qualifications are required and these are mentioned on each course page
  3. Save your confirmation e-mail as it has important joining information including what to bring and location details
  4. If a course is not listed below, the current course is full
  5. Aromareflex Two requires you to have attended Aromareflex One course first
  6. Some workshop are booked through other websites: Pregnancy massage, Massage for Women’s Health  are booked though Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork

Looking for courses not mentioned above?

Please book through the Bristol College of Massage and Bodywork website for:

Privacy, terms, conditions and cancellations

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