Recipes to boost your Qi: Vegan Broth

Evan though Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) it is often seen as not embracing of vegan or vegetarian food this I think has a lot to do with the information not being up to date.

Broths traditionally use are bone broths these support core energy digestion and Water energy relating to the kidney and bladder organs and meridians which regulate stress and are very active in the winter.  

But vegetable broth is also great and has advantages like being quicker to make and more versatile.

Adding in seaweed and goji berries or red dates can add in different health benefits.

Timing issues with broths: bone broths for example dark meats take 48 to make or chicken 12- 24 hour whereas veggie broth can take from 15 minutes.

Vegan broths: How to make them.

In a slow cooker/(crock pot)  8- 12 hours (I find overnight just perfect)

In a pressure cooker: Place all ingredients in the cooker and cook for  15 mins

On the stove:  To cook in a saucepan, grate or finely chop ingredients then bring to the boils and simmer for 2-4 hours.

Broths can be used for a lunchtime diner time drink we don’t make the most of warm savoury drinks or the base for soups risottos stews noodles and so much more.

Basic ingredients:

 2 Carrots

4-6  celery sticks

2 onions

2 Leeks

1 clove of garlic option I prefer without

I bunch parsley with stalks

 3 Bay leaves  (good for general energy)

Black peppercorns  ½Tablespoon  o(supports Kidney meridian and digestion)

Salt: I use rock sea salt or pink Himalayan salt ½ teaspoon the amount  can vary to taste. (Himalayan salt is high in minerals.)

Cider vinegar:  ½ – 2 teaspoons dependant on taste  ( used traditional in bone broth to draw out the minerals from the bones, (I find it helps bring things together and supports the liver)

Add 3 litres of water you can start with 1 or 2 then add more liquid as you go.


Other Additions add something special depending on what you need:

Seaweed; great for winter energy and a more Japanese  flavour this broth makes great noodles!  Supports kidney’s (add while cooking broth)

Dried Shitake mushrooms: add a lovely earthy flavour and then lovely to add to risotto.  Supports Stomach organ and general  energy (add while cooking broth)

Goji berries: 1 tablespoon very good for =boosting kidney and spleen energy good for Yin and Yang energy and blood so a good overall addition  (add while cooking broth)

Ginger: grated or sliced, great for lungs resolving damp in the system and digestions.  Fresh ginger is not as hot on the system as dried. (add while cooking broth)

Red dates: these can be added to stews and soups at other points but also to the broth support blood energy and kidney’s and spleen organs, reduces stress and anxiety in a stock I add a couple of dried ones whole.

Flaxseeds or chia seeds: 1 Tablespoon of either , these add in omega oils but due to the bigger water content when strained aren’t to slimy.

Strain broth before use and to make a very simple miso soup add to one of your broths, 2 or more tablespoons of white miso shavings of carrots, small square of silken tofu a dash of soya sauce and chopped spring onions.

Hot broth mug at lunchtime great natural way to boost your nutrients and energy add in one off the below idea to a mug of hot broth.  

1 teaspoon: Marmite or other yeast extract to boost your b-vitamins

1 teaspoon: Spirulina loaded with nutrients. Supports all meridians.

Enjoy cooking with energy foods  🙂 

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