Supporting women in Pregnancy with Reflexology and Chinese Medicine

Pregnancy is such a wonderful time blooming with life, excitement and wonder.

Well this is how it is for some women but I think we also know as therapists that often pregnancy isn’t alway like that and can be fraught with stress and worry.

You are supposed to feel excited, over the moon and the epitome of Mother Nature when often you feel exhausted, sick, achy and irritable …. these are just the normal adaptations as the body grows a new life and is plunged into a maelstrom of hormonal and postural changes let alone the transitions to parenthood.

For women who’s pregnancies have more complications then this can be time of  major stress and worry.

Motherhood is amazing being a mother of three it’s been the most amazing (and continues to be) part of my life but no body mentioned at the beginning of this journey (25 years ago) that it was also welcome to a world of guilt and worry that comes with being responsible for another person in a very unique way.

What is one of the most important things we do in supporting pregnant women?

I have found in working with pregnant women for 20 years it’s often holding a confidential space somewhere they can express exactly how they feel without someone judging them. Supporting them through all the stresses and transitions.

Why integrate Chinese medicine with Reflexology?

Chinese medicine is renowned for benefits in fertility and pregnancy through therapies like Acupuncture and Shiatsu. It has a unique understanding of the relationships with the mother and babies energy systems.

Incorporating the appropriate acupressure points in Reflexology throughout the pregnancy is very useful but it’s only a small part of understanding how the mother and babies energy connect and how we can support them.

The baby and mothers emotional connection happens mainly through a unique meridian of the Heart –uterus (Boa Mai) this meridian also support the blood flow to the uterus. The core energy essence or Jing, which relates to DNA and hormones flows through the central channels and through another unique connection the Kidney-uterus (Boa Luo).

These are just two aspects that can be incorporated into reflexology to add another dimension of supporting the mother and baby through all the trails and transitions of pregnancy and beyond.

More information on training go to the TCM  Pregnancy Reflexology page>




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