Tips for Selling Treatments as Presents

Selling Treatments as Presents

Offering treatments as presents to existing or potential new clients is a lovely idea but here area few things you may want think about:-

Consider the type of work that you do and whether it would be appropriate as a gift, for example if you work a lot with emotional issues then you may find people buying gift vouchers is less likely due to the personal nature of the treatment.

Those working with stress, relaxation and pamper treatments should find these gift vouchers to be ideal.

Some ideas when offering gift vouchers are:

  • Always remember to put an expiry date on them in order to encourage the recipient to use the voucher within a reasonable time frame. A good way to phrase this can be ‘please redeem this voucher by xx/xx/xx’ It is also good practice to inform the purchaser of this condition.
  • Think about the presentation and design or buy ones that are in keeping with your branding, ideally with an information card and nice envelope so they are easy to give as a present. Remember they can look just as nice and personal in hand picked envelopes and printed at home.
  • If you are buying in vouchers and you are a sole trader it can be a good idea to make them generic so that they appeal to all ages, both sexes and not linked to times of the year or seasons.
  • Remember to give instructions on how best to redeem the voucher with information on the best ways to contact you and book the treatment as well as information such as listing the treatments available with the voucher and your clinic times.
  • Keep a log of the voucher you sell, the recipients names and the purchasers details and contact.

As with everything make it work for you. I work with clients with heath and/or emotional issues, those experiencing life changes and also specialise in pregnancy and birth work. These aren’t area’s that tend to lean well towards gift vouchers and is not something I advertise anymore but I do occasionally still get asked at different points in the year.

I use vouchers that go with a leaflet in a lovely silvery blue envelope that matches my logo and these are given to the recipient. More recently however more people want an e-mail which saves time in posting out and gives you contact with the receiver to book the treatment.

I use an email that opens as a gift invitation so that its looks nicer than a straight e-mail and states who its from and all other relevant information.

This can be combined with the gift voucher in an envelope that gives them something physical to open and mentions that it will be followed up by an e-mail. I think this works well especially when a series of treatments have been booked.


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