Testimonials for the Complementary Therapy College in Bath


“I really loved the Aromareflex day It was great, learnt loads and really enjoyed it. Heidi is such a good at explaining and so knowledgeable, I feel I understand enough to treat clients and do it! and it is a great added extra for my regular clients who are loving it too. ”
– Libby

“Very good agenda, does not feel like we are rushing into learning but still learning loads and great practical, and still have an opportunity to have a bit of reflexology. ”
– Cecile

“I loved the Aromareflex course. Heidi was such a friendly, clear and enthusiastic teacher and the subject was so interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed the practical. I am really looking forward to incorporating it into my treatments and to doing further training. Thank you Heidi.”
– Kathryn Young

“It was a great day with lots of information which is all totally relevant to my practice. I wish I had done the course years ago!”
– Niki Day

“This was a very informative and relaxed day with lovely like minded people. Heidi was very friendly, approachable, professional and fun and I would highly recommend this class. I am definitely coming back to learn more with Heidi :)”
– Zoe Curwen

“The course was well-presented, good content both in terms of materials & presentation, well structured in terms of theory & practical content (good balance), came away feeling able to apply what I’d learned in practice straight away. Nice sized group, friendly bunch! Ability to interact & exchange ideas. Heidi is very knowledgeable & approachable – good teaching manner injected with humour. Would definitely recommend it”
– Jo Barry

“This course was delivered brilliantly. Heidi was engaging and seemed to hold everyone’s attention. It was fascinating to hear about the properties of essential oils and great to be able to blend them in the afternoon. This course has whetted my appetite to train as an aromatherapist.”

-Yvette Baker

Five Element Reflexology Postgraduate Course

“I feel that the Five Element Reflexology Course has taken my reflexology to the next level.”
– Andy Blackwell | blackwellbeing.com

“As a shiatsu practitioner (working with 5 Elements) and reflexologist I always thought that it could be a way to integrate the 5 five element with reflexology. Lucky I found Heidi´s course and that was what I was looking for. She managed to integrate the 5 Elements with Reflexology in an amazing way. Everything unfolded into place so easily and you can understand the person needs in a completely different way. Although I am working with 5 elements in my daily basis I have learn so much and new things from Heidi. I loved the course and the way that Heidi teaches it. Heidi is great and amazing teacher and such a lovely person. The practical side has amazing techniques too. Since I am working with the 5 Element Reflexology I can see how much effective and accurate my treatments are now. Clients are very happy as they can see results much quicker too. They love it. I have to say that I was travelling from Spain to do the course and it was worthy. I do highly recommend this course, it is a different way to understand Reflexology. Thank you Heidi”
– Rosalina González (Spain)

“This is an excellent course for any reflexologist who is interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine and how it can be used in a reflexology treatment. Heidi has lots of information to impart and is an excellent tutor.”

-Moira Triance


“I love the way Heidi brings the course to life. She’s very engaging. I feel this course has brought all my treatments together”




“I have been seeing Heidi for supervision for my massage practice for several months.  I have found the one-to-one relationship absolutely invaluable.  It has really helped me to examine issues that have been holding back the development of my practice.  Heidi’s sessions are structured but gentle!  She has encouraged me to adopt the same approach to my work.  This has meant that I have been able to accept that there are parts of my work that are challenging, and that is OK.  She has also helped me to develop a plan to move forward in a direction that is much more comfortable for me.

Heidi is fantastically experienced and knowledgeable.  She has given me great advice on the development of the aromatherapy side of my business and I have really benefited from her truly holistic approach to her work.  I have fully adopted the idea that, from the moment a client walks through the door, the professional relationship is very much a two-way one and that all the interaction should be fully integrative.

Heidi is professional, caring and lovely!  I absolutely recommend her as a supervisor.”
– FG

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